back to school
August 29, 2012
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Here it is, the end of August and Labor Day is fast approaching!  Back to school for kids all over the country and a sigh of relief from parents who have been running out of summer entertainment ideas!  Preparing your child to go back to school can be transitioned smoothly by following a few tips:

1.  See that children get enough sleep by getting back to "normal" bedtime hours.  (Suggested 8-10 hours)

2. Lay out clothing and get the backpack supplies  ready so there is no scrambling around on the first day; starting out the day with anxiety is stressful for a child and can affect their  performance in school.

3.  Pack healthy lunch and snack items to keep up energy levels during the day.  Fruit, cut up veggies, granola bars, and nuts are good ideas.

4.  Freeze milk or low-sugar juice containers the night before to keep the lunch cool.

5.  Keep your children in good health by scheduling a routine Dr or Dentist check up.  A healthy body and smile can instill your child with  the self-confidence needed to meet new friends and teachers.

Make the 2012-2013 school the best and most successful ever for your children!