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August 01, 2010
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Sounds like a strange equation but recent studies indicate that oral health is integral to overall health. Safe and effective disease prevention measures exist that everyone can adopt to improve oral health and prevent disease.

The mouth is directly connected to the body by the bloodstream and the digestive system. Left untreated, plaque and inflammation can lead to gingivitis which may progress to periodontitis (gum disease).

Recent evidence suggests that periodontitis is associated with other diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. People with gum disease are twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease. Oral bacteria can contribute to the development of heart disease by causing harmful plaque toxins to enter the bloodstream and attach to the fatty deposits in the blood vessels of the heart. Inflammatory proteins can enter the bloodstream causing hardening of the arteries or swelling of the blood vessels.

Symptoms of gingivitis and periodontitis include gums that are red, swollen, tender, and pulled away from the teeth. Gums that bleed easily or may exude pus when pressed are also indicators. Teeth that seem to be separating, feel loose or don't fit together the same when you bite, may also be a warning of gum disease. Persistent bad breath can suggest a problem that needs further investigation.

If you or someone you know has any of the symptoms mentioned above, please call today and schedule an exam.

By keeping regular appointments with your dental health team, you increase your chances of a long, healthy and happy life

Please pass this information on to friends or family who might have heart related illnesses or may be at risk for developing heart disease (high blood pressure etc.) If they are not currently members of our practice, please let them know our office would like to offer a FREE evaluation of their risk factor. REMEMBER: You could be be instrumental in keeping your loved ones healthy for many years to come!