Wash Your Hands Properly
September 12, 2013
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Whether you use just plain soap and water or anti-bacterial gel, here is how to get the most from your hand washing:

1.  WATER - Start with warm water to help with the lathering.  Water hot enough to kill germs will probably burn you!

2.  SOAP - Touchless pumps are most desirable as bars of soap can harbor germs from others

3.  LATHER - Lather the palms, between fingers, under fingernails; scrub around nailbeds and then do your thumbs and wrists.

4.  JEWELRY - Remove or jiggle jewelry and wash around and under rings.

5.  RINSE - Thoroughly rinse all soap from hands, the whole process should take about 20-25 seconds. 

6.  DRY - Use an electric dryer if available.  The next best choice is a paper towel.  Cloth towels can harbor germs.