No Insurance??

Many people feel that if they don't have dental insurance they can't afford to come in even for routine visits. I say you can't afford NOT to come in for routine visits. Just think, your car insurance doesn't pay for routine maintenance on your car, yet you still get the service done in order to protect your car's engine from more costly repairs. It is no different for your mouth. If you fail to keep up routine maintenance on your mouth, you could pay not only with costly dental bills, but with some general health issues. Not having routine maintenance or "cleanings" done, can put you at a higher risk for heart diseases, strokes or diabetic complications...think about how much all of those things will cost you in the long run when you are considering skipping your routine vist to save some money and you may come to a different conclusion. So, if you have been putting off your next visit, call today and get back on track. Don't let the lack of insurance cost you your health!

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