Shake the Salt Habit

Too much sodium is bad for your heart. High sodium diets are linked to an increase in blood pressure or higher risk for heart disease and stroke. Below are some tips for reducing sodium in the diet.

*Choose fresh, frozen or canned items without added salt

*Select unsalted nuts or seeds, dried beans, peas and lentils

*Limit salty snacks such as chips and pretzels

*Avoid adding salt and canned vegetables to homemade dishes

*Select unsalted, lower sodium, fat free broths or bouillions

*Learn to use salt free spices and fresh herbs to enhance the flavor of your

food. Most spices naturally contain very small amounts of sodium

*Add fresh lemon juice instead of salt to fish and vegetables

Sodium is an acquired taste and as you reduce the sodium in your diet, you will find that in about 8-12 weeks your taste sensitivities will adapt. Please visit our website for other information on diet and health at



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